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Uploading shows 0 faces , 0 vertices

(Catilaporte) #1

hello , new on sketchfab,I was able to upload some blender exercises yesterday, but today after few seconds watching the progress of the upload, there is no model just: 0 faces , 0 vertices, I gave it a few try , and looked around on forums ans FAQ...
thanks in advance for the answer! (of course i went back to Blender verify the file which was complete)
only now i saw the notice issued:(oups! i had turned off visibility of curve...)

        The object BezierCircle (type CURVE) was not exported
                            An error occurred while converting curves to meshes

(would love to delete this post but don't know how)

(Mrchlblng) #2

Hey @catilaporte,

I'd rather leave this post as it may help any future user having the same issue.
Our warning messages are not always very visible (especially if you reupload a model) and we might improve this in the future.
In the meantime, you could probably mark this post as resolved as you found a solution!