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Uploading sketchup(v8) textures results in '500 internal server error'

(Fixit) #1

Adding a test rectangle of sketchup deepwater texture to a model results in a failure to upload- '500 internal server error'.
See attached screenshot.
This also happens when using sketchup textures for other parts of the model.
Are there any workarounds for this error?


(Bart) #2

We're currently deploying an update, this may be related. We'll look in to it.

(Bart) #3

The release has been completed, could you please try again and report if you're still seeing this error?

(Fixit) #4

Unfortunately that hasn't fixed the problem. 500 server error appears still.
Thanks for looking.

(Fixit) #5

Just to add that if there is some other free software that can import autocad drawings, then render the model and upload to sketchfab then please let me know. ta.

(Bart) #6

Sorry to hear that! I've passed it on to our development team; they'll look in to it. In the mean time, you may be able to export your Sketchup model to one of our supported file formats like OBJ and upload that?


Are you able to use a more recent version of SketchUp? I'm having trouble installing the plugin on SketchUp 8 to test.

@alexschreyer any idea?