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Uploading with multiple UV channels?

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi fellow sketchfabers,

I recently tried to upload my first model to sketchfab that uses 2 uv channels. One for diffuse, and the second one for lightmapping. My mesh has both uv channels defined but it seems the second one doesn't appear after the upload.
I tried the upload with multiple uv channels from 3ds max according to an old tutorial that seems to be obsolete.

Could someone give me a hint on how to set up multiple uv channels in max so that sketchfab understands them?

Thx in advance and happy holidays!

(Bart) #2

Sorry to hear that. Which file format did you use? And do the channels appear in the materials settings?

(Simon Kratz) #3

I used fbx but it seems I just managed to solve it myself smiley 3ds max has a checkbox in the fbx export dialogue called "Embed Media". If I use this all the textures are packed into the fbx. If I upload it to sketchfab then all the uv sets come with it blush
So guess my problem is solved. Thank you for the fast help anyway^^

(Bart) #4

Glad to hear it! I didn't now you could pack resources into FBX files, that's good to know thanks.

(Adeboye Grillo) #5

the fbx format indeed has lots of great features.

For 3ds max users you can use the "UV mapping add" modifier to add another UV map.
Just specify a new mapping channel each time you add one.
Then collapse the whole stack with all the Unwrapped UVs to the mesh object.
This will retain all the uvs in the specified channels for the mesh object.

You should also save your UV maps in the event that you mess things up you can always reload them to their respective channels.

I hope I explained this well


@grillswills - Thanks for the workflow advice! I know many users have had issues getting multiple UVs to persist correctly after upload. I hope this will help smile

(Demetrio) #7

Hello ,
I install the Sketchfab script in 3ds Max and when a aplly it, the model goes too my account with diferents uvs channel.
And i just want uvs channel 1....
What can i do?

(Adeboye Grillo) #8

I'm not very sure what your question is but if it is about specifying the exact uv channel you want to use with a map, there is a uv channel selector just under the map slot of the Sketchfab material editor.
Please let me know if this is what you mean.