[Urgent] Annotations disappear on mobile view

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Hey there.

I have a somewhat urgent request and am just now using the community for this. I've tried just emailing support before now to no avail.

We have a webpage that is going live tomorrow, and are running into an issue just on mobile where in portrait view, when after clicking on the "more info" link for a annotation, the popup with title and "more info" link disappears and does not reveal the full description.

You can always click on the number annotation again and the description overlay will probably show up, it just randomly occurs when after hitting the "more info", the description does not pop up.

One other observation is that if you chance the position of the screen to where the popup has to flop from left to right side of the #, this is usually when the description fails to show.

Please help, seeing that we're trying to launch our page tomorrow and not sure if this is a quick fix/solve?

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do you have some more info on the device, browser and resolution?
I can't reproduce the issue so far.
Based on your description of the problem, maybe adjusting the camera and annotation position could be workaround.


I was able to reproduce this, and we have it in our bug tracker. There's no ETA yet, but we'll follow up with any news.

As far as I can tell, it's only affecting iOS. The android device I tested worked as expected.


Thanks for your patience. The fix has been deployed and I can confirm it's working as expected on iOS, both the native App and mobile browser.

Moving the camera (tap and drag) while the annotation tooltip is open will not close the tooltip, and clicking "show more" opens correctly. Tapping somewhere in the viewer while to tool tip is open closes the tooltip, which is the intended behavior.

We also fixed another bug with mobile annotations where you were not able to scroll down the description if the text is longer than the screen.