USDZ format not available

I’m very new to modeling, and I would like to know what is causing my sketchfab upload be unavailable in USDZ format. Is it polycount? Materials? Does it just take time to become available?
Any help would be appreciated.


Same question here! I think usdz files are not supporting any post processing filters. I wrote an email to the sketchfab team already, lets see what they say or did you find any workaround? I really love the bloom effect and would love to see this in AR :smiley:


Could you link to the model having the USDZ in ‘unavailable’ state ?
In most cases it’s a matter of time, as USDZ needs to wait for the glTF to be avilable (USDZ is generated from the glTF version)

USDZ is not available when:

  • glTF version is not yet processed (or failed). It can take some times, especially if there are a lot of models requesting a glTF conversion at this moment.
  • Model is a point cloud (USDZ feature targets AR on iOS, which doesn’t support point cloud at the moment).

Unfortunately, a few Sketchfab feature are not translated to USDZ (glTF) for several reasons:

  • glTF/USDZ are not supporting these features (at all, or not in an efficient way)
  • it doesn’t make sense to export a scene setup as these assets are meant to be used in external tools and softwares

It includes post-processes, lighting, HDRi environment, camera setup etc.
You can find more details about this on our dedicated Help Center page