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Use sketchfab embed code in a offline webApp

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I'm working on some media project for a renovation workshop of old orlogerie. They are producing 3d content too, like that :

One project is for a exhibition of a big clock : we want to put a touch screen in front of the clock, with a 3D representation of it, to show how it's inside and how it's working. With it, visitors could read some extra content, for exemple the clock history, or see some video of the renovation.

We want to export this project to other clock in different museum, so we need a apps working both on window or android, depending of what got the museum, and it has to work offline.

So i'm thinking about a webApp!.

Here is my question : is it possible to use the sketchfab embed code offline and use it in a web-app ? for exemple developped with angular.js.

I already succed to use it offline, by downloding the file called by the embed code, but i don't know if the Sketchfab licence alow that and if it could work in a web App.