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Useful scripts for 3ds max to sketchfab

(Rlockett) #1

Hey all,

Just wanted to share this with you guys:

Simple and fast way to optimize complex models for the Sketchfab platform:
Pixamoon has created a wonderful script called Bitmap Tracking / Resizing, available here:
It has tons of useful features that simplify taking scenes with all kinds of textures and processing them for Sketchfab, I mainly use this script for its ability to resize ALL textures to a certain size and then save as jpegs. And even more ….
It can also save out material editor cropped textures as new maps and even relink the original materials for you! After that all that’s left is to convert to standard materials and export Sketchfab :blush: This script has so much more functionality than this….but is also great for game engine prep for those nightmare scenes not intended for efficient use. I this this in conjunction with “quick attach” and “detach by ID” scripts so i have the control in sketchfab over materials that i do in max.

Does anyone else have any scripts they find useful for max to sketchfab?