User main page hyperlink not working when browsing library

From last week approximately, when I browse a library of models made by several user, when selecting one model, the hyperlink to the user (left bottom of the 3D viewer) is not directing to the user but to the library I am actually.
It is curious as when the mouse cursor is flying over the username, the correct link is displayed on the web browser link preview, but not working when clicking on.
This effect is the same in Chrome (86.0.4240.198) and Firefox (83.0b10).

This bug prevent people to go the the user main page.

It seems to work correctly when exploring models in the sketchfab main page.

Could you please advise

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Hey Fred,

I’m not able to reproduce this. Could you provide detailed steps including URLs and screenshot(s) that will allow us to investigate?

Hi Bart,
Thank’s for you reply; here below the procedure leading to the unexpected result:

I receive daily emails informing me that one of my model has been added into a collection.
I then click to the link to the collection eg: Male Body - A 3D model collection by clintatelier (@clintatelier) - Sketchfab
Then when the model interest me, I try to click on the user name to go to its page.
A click on the name, take be back to the collection, and not to the user page.
See below where I click and the displayed link which can not be reached.


Got it! That’s an interesting case, thank you :slight_smile: I’ll pass it on to our web team.


Hey Fred! Is this still happening for you? I can’t reproduce it anymore.

Hello Bart,
I’ve just check and the issue is gone. Links work as expected.

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