User upload texture


(Pmcmahon) #1


Is there away for a user to upload a image as a texture locally from their computer into the Sketchfab API, so that they can view their logo on the 3d model?



You can load a texture "on the fly" using the Viewer API. A user would need to upload an image, then you need to host it in a CORS-enabled location.

(Shaderbytes) #3

you can inject textures using the viewer api yes. These are not permanent uploads or edits , they will only exist for the viewer session until you close the browser page.


It should also work with a base64 encoded image

(Pmcmahon) #5

This is perfect, thank you. I wasn't sure if this was possible. Are there any good examples or tutorials that you know of besides the documentation?


Hmm, maybe this one: