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Users named "user123/asd123"

(Alex Nan) #1

Hello guys,
It’s a bit awkward to have a user following me, with the name “asd123” - I feel it’s purpose on the website its not real, due to it’s “.exe” name.
Can I block him ? Should I block/ report him ? Can you verify it’s activity ?

(Bart) #2

I don’t see any suspicious behaviour other than having a silly username.

(Alex Nan) #3

Thank Bart.
Is there an option to remove users you don’t want to follow you ?

(Bart) #4

We don’t have that option. I’m not entirely clear why you’re worried about this though?

(Alex Nan) #5

Honestly I don’t care about the silly name, but because of what happened to @ssh4 with his model copied and put on sale on other websites - I’m afraid I’m not going to end up with some of my scanned models (which took a lot of time, money, travel, so forth) and put for sale on other websites. So my mind was playing with me when I saw the “no care” nickname following me, I thought if they don’t care about having a reliable name, they are not here to enjoy our work but they might copy it :space_invader:

(Bart) #6

I don’t see a connection between that. His model was ‘copied’ by using photogrammetry, and people don’t need to follow you to do any of that.