Users, please help

(Virtuder) #1

Hi all,
I am having problems with displaying my large models at Android.

Community, could you please help me in sorting, what kind of hardware and Android versions can handle my models?
My intention is to present it in VR.

The first one is lightest:

The second has two models side by side.

The third has two of them, but also with the interior done.

I already tried
iPhone 7
1 3D - works nice
1 VR - works nice
2 3D - works OK
2 VR - doesn't work
3 3D - doesn't work
3 VR - doesn't work

Samsung S8 + Gear
nothing works, neither in browser, sketchfab app, nor gear mode :frowning:

Other Android phones - similar like above, no textures are displayed (even on the phones with high specs, different browsers)

Surface Book i7 16GB - 5 scenes from can be run simultaneously, altough not in Edge (touch interaction doesn't work propersly), but in chrome :slight_smile:

What I like is HTC Vive, as the quality is nice and your position is properly read, so if you lean - you can look at the wheel as it was real... waiting for wireless, to connect to Surface :slight_smile:

If you have an Android phone and my models work correct, please post your specs/settings please

(Dark Minaz) #2

763.2k faces
730.8k vertices
37 materials (40)
24 MiB - 32 MiB VRAM

while i got to say it's a really pretty car and the modeling is quite outstanding, going a bit more into the resource saving areas would be helpful for phones.

The dome alone uses so much.

also details like this could be done via a single plane

My phone is sadly super old so almost no models work, so i can't really try it out