Using Blender uploader doesn't show model's material


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I'm trying to upload my models using the Blender uploader, and the upload is working, but the model is showing with a plain white material. Example:

Here's the blender model, in case that helps:

What am I missing? Thanks!



I also answered your email. I was able to add the texture in 3D Settings without trouble:

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Thank you! I didn't realize you could upload texture files to the material from there. Yes, that works for me. Would be nice if it worked from the uploader though... is that the expected behaviour? In any case, I don't have loads of models to upload; this is good enough for now. If you need any help testing any updates to that Blender uploader, let me know.



Maybe the texture was not embedded in the Blender file? Try going to File → External Data → Automatically Pack Into .blend

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Thanks, James. I did try that, but it still didn’t work. :frowning:

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The method descibe by @james is good for me .
This is an example :

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And directly ( whithout "Automatically Pack Into .blend" ) the texture is uploaded for your model.