Using dynamically registered textures via addTexture()


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How should I use dynamically added texture via addTexture() function ?

addTexture() function returns textureUid identifier in the form of “tmp_XXXX” eg. “tmp_1491”. Then I apply it to the channel as texture: {uid: “tmp_1489”, … } for which I get warnings as “texture.uid” should match pattern “^[A-Fa-f0-9]{32}$”.

Do I should use it in other way ? Or you should change the API ?

Best regards,
Jan Klimczak

(Shaderbytes) #2

sketchfab really needs to fix this , you are doing nothing wrong , the warning is a result of some internal code that was developed with some future functionality in mind… but currently eventime you use the UID you get this warning. The material should still updat though so I hope that is happening for you and it is just these warnings you are asking about.

Will leave it to the sketchfab staff to address this further. I also have clients complaining about the warnings so I really wish it go’s away soon as well.