Using free model in personal project + crediting model author Question

Hi, i’m new here, so please forgive me if i’m posting in wrong category, but i did some research and have no clue how should i categorize my question.

So long story short - i’m a freelance artist, and currently i’m working on short animation (personal project) for my portfolio.
I found here on Sketchfab few really nice free, downloadable models that requires to credit authors, and they deserve that, so it’s a no brainer to me.
However thing is as i mostly post my artworks on instagram and tiktok, there is not really much space to leave links to artists to credit them in description space, and also my artworks are looping in perfect loops, so i cannot give credits at the end of animation (since there is no such a thing like an end in a looping animation).

So what do you suggest, how should i give well deserved credits to authors?
Isn’t reaching them via DM and tagging/mentioning their personal IG accounts against Sketchfab rules? Or is it better to leave links to particular assets in comments section?

Thanks for your help!