Using Mac beta of pix4d - Cannot export fbx for sketchfab

I am experimenting pix4d mapper beta mac for building 3d models i have shot using mavic2pro (Currently my proof of concept is limited to using pix4d mac)
I seem unable to export to sketchfab.

  • 3D mesh export on pix4dmapper mac desktop version does not seem to support export of fbx only on the mac version - does anyone know if this is correct and if there is an alternative if so
  • would the zip upload of whatever my pix4d project output provides possibly work?
  • any advice how to get this model out would help. if not i will explore processing in pix4D cloud in hope that i get usable files to upload


We support a lot of different formats. I’m not sure why this version of Pix4D would not export FBX, but you should be able to export OBJ format - just make sure to include the OBJ, MTL, and texture image files, which you can zip together if you want.