Using Sketchfab for Architecture Projects

(Bart) #1

There are many examples of interior and exterior architecture models here on Sketchfab. I'd be curious to learn how you use Sketchfab for your projects and how that works for you. Is there anything that makes Sketchfab extra useful for you, or maybe there are some features missing that are holding you back from using it in a pitch or presentation?

Please share your experiences and thoughts here!

Cornerhouse by fabiankampa on Sketchfab

(Creativesip) #2

Having hard time getting close to the textures building using mouse or touch. The camera system has to be re written. It doesn't move on certain points or moves very slowly. The annotation system is confusing to first person. Also would be great if a user is able to add a custom designed 2D panel screen. The annotation color is solid black which is not customizable

(Bart) #3

Yeah that makes sense for architectural models. Are you aware of our First Person viewer mode? Is that any better for your purposes? You can find more information about how to use it here.

What exactly do you find confusing about the annotation system?

@mauricesvay - how do you feel about customizing the annotation colors?

(Dimitry Demin) #4

In general I am missing three tools. The first one is ability to make a section as ClippingPlane Command in Rhino. The second is to use zoom and the third to implement layers with the ability to turn them off and on.

(Creativesip) #5

I have tried first person view but really it turns your 3D scene into a 2D photo stitched 360 canvas. I mean there is no way one can prefer using first person view. For example let say i want to go to the floor of this building using first person view. You can't do it! That was the first reason i suggested few weeks ago about the dynamic camera pivot point according to the mouse cursor or touch vector position. To check how your competitors allowing users to add epic or advanced annotation system in their scene you need to check this link. I am not promoting their product but just want to give you something to see and compare. If you guys give me these functions! i am willing to pay 1000$ a month!

(Bart) #6

Hey @dimitry_demin,

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that. What does it do?

You can use the mousewheel or hold the control button while dragging the mouse to zoom.

We're experimenting with that, see this video smile

(Bart) #7

Have you tried using the ASDW keys while in first person view? It allows you to move through the 3D model (set the direction with the mouse). I agree it's not perfect though as you can still move through the geometry, and a little awkward to use. A true 'game mode' might be better?

I get your idea about the dynamic pivot point, thanks for the example. It's certainly something worth discussing with the team!

(Dimitry Demin) #8

clipping plane - see this video:

zoom - still would be nice to have a possibility to choose a target vertex and rotate the model around it.

layer - looks promising!

(Creativesip) #9

Would love to see the improvements!

(Bart) #10

I moved a post to a new topic: Rendering a Moebius strip

(Bart) #11

Hey all, feature requests are very welcome, but let's now focus on those exclusively: could you also share a bit on how you use Sketchfab in your work, when working with clients etc?

Thanks smile

(Dimitry Demin) #12

An implementation into google slides would be awesome.
The client want to see a picture in the clear layout, rather a 3d sketch.
Sketchup is great for collaboration between the design team and engineers.

(Bart) #13

Definitely smile We don't have that yet, but we ARE already integrated with Bunkr:

(Archionline) #14

We love using Sketchfab to show our models. However, we want to lock the X axis because our customers get lost on the model (they often see the model from below). I think we have to lock it on the model before uploading it. But if Sketchfab would be able to lock an axis it would be great smile Let me know if you have a solution !


(Bart) #15


I don't think that will work really, as our navigation is always unconstrained?

(Keurk) #16

Hi, as both architect and 3d artist, I find it very interesting to show the show the model and "walk" into it. The smatphone compatibility and your easy to use 3d max plugin made me coming back to Sketchfab after some tries with 3Dpdf.
I may have missed them, but is there anyway to set the viewer mode to first person on start and also set the speed (always have to lower it to something like 2 or 3) not very useful when sharing the model with customers (hard to explain you have to make some adjustments before exploring). It could be nice to implement such option right into the plugin window when setting option in max.

(Bart) #17

Hi @keurk,

agreed, it would be good to have this. I checked, but there's no option available. I'll add it to my wishlist and will let you know when we've added it.

(Bart) #18

What kind of techniques do you prefer to display your models? I'm rather partial to models that use baked lighting because of the additional realism, but is that something you look for in an architectural presentation? What works better, realism, or stylized drawing?

07-70_vv_ground floor2 by Cadaxx Design on Sketchfab

(Johnstone) #19

I think that baked light gives the model the livability that architects look to communicate to their clients. Also important is to give a sense of human scale. Using furniture is one way. Having annotations ON/OFF were to put the dimension of a building would be nice. Also, please allow UP axis to be locked. Looking below a building may break the illusion of architectural space and makes the model feel "light". Sometimes that may be good. But most buildings have a strong relation to the ground.

(Bart) #20

Just so that I'm clear on this: you'd like to be able to only rotate around the object, but not up and down, correct?