Using Sketchfab for other means

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Hello to all,

I found this ad to be fascinating,

In the example above BannerBoy uses TinyWebGL to deliver an ad for LG V30 phone.
Question, Is there a way for Sketchfab to allow timeline based animations within a browser for a pre-rendered scene and a custom embed code that outputs without the loading bar, controls, TinywebGL and under 150KB for a possible ad?

in the words of BannerBoy

“See it from all angles
We wanted to do something special for the launch of the flagship model V30. It’s a sleek phone that’s almost all screen, so we wanted to show it off from all angles. With a simple 3D model and WebGL, the end result was a fully interactive low file weight banner.
Through extensive prototyping and testing, we ensured feasibility across browsers, ad-serving platforms, and publisher specs.
Finally, we created a massive number of units allowing testing of both messaging and design.”

Im looking to recreate this type of movement scenario with sketchfab.



Yes, this is something we do. See:

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Hi James,

Thanks for the insight.

The white paper provides some examples. However, Its rather limited, not exactly what Im looking for.

Have you tested the ads that were created with Sketchfab with Google Ads and Major ad servers?

Can one pre-animate and render the animation for embed with out the following:

  • Sketchfab Logo
  • Panning, Camera Movement
  • Tinywebgl version
  • No controls or Loaders
  • With the Ability Host Elsewhere

So it seems like its a light predefined 3d experience rather than experience you can interact with.

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you need a enterprise account to do such things :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I was well aware I needed to have an Enterprise Account as seen in the PDF but it didn’t say anything about what I mentioned.

I guess i have to take a look into the Enterprise version.


Sketchfab Logo

The watermark/logo can be hidden completely with an Enterprise account or made not an external link with a Business account.

Panning, Camera Movement

Camera Limits are available to Pro accounts and above:

Tinywebgl version

I don’t know what this is, but we are working to make the viewer size as small as possible, as well as an ad-specific version that will be even smaller.

No controls or Loaders

Premium accounts and above can hide controls and other UI elements.

With the Ability Host Elsewhere

At the moment we don’t license the viewer technology for others to host and all models must be uploaded, processed and hosted on Sketchfab servers. Maybe in the future we will offer some kind of stand-alone viewer SDK, but it’s not currently on the roadmap.


And yes, we are supported in all major ad servers, but the ads need to be trafficked through an ad server / account manager rather than a self-serve platform (i.e. AdWords).

(Peter Borokhov) #8

Everything that you mentioned was clearly explained by Jaimson on the phone.

Your response is not 100% accurate the ad has to be customized by your team more or less.

Tinywebgl is a js library much like webgl that drives your animations now. As heavy as it is, Tinywebgl is ideal for things like ads where it uses less resources thereby making the experience faster to load.

Something you forgot to mention, you have a cpm model attached which to be honest blows this out of proportion at which point the ROI makes it not worthwhile.

I see a potential in Sketchfab but at this point business model is not completely thought out.