Using Sketchfab Model in Monetized Game

Hello there! I am a developer on Roblox and I came across Sketchfab while looking for mythical creature models. If I purchase a model from Sketchfab, am I allowed to upload and use the model in my monetized Roblox game? The model will be used as an in-game purchase and probably a game-pass for the game. If it is not allowed, then what is the point of paying for a model if you cannot make money off of it after? I am unsure of the sole purpose of this website since I am new to it.

Hi there,

Thanks for your message! As long as the model you purchase is under the Standard license, your use case is perfect.

With the Standard license, you can do pretty much anything as long as you don’t redistribute the 3D model file itself. Distributing it as an in-game purchase is fine.

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