Using the Sketchfab exporter

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I understand the Klaas exporter uses a baking process for maps to be applied but it looks very basic w no other option to do more complicated stuff. Is this what the "Cinema 4D" exporter is used for upload to this site?

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Ok, so Cinema 4D is a whole nother 3D prog. I already have 3DSmax. I now assume that all the intricate work I see in these online files like depth of field, reflection & bump maps etc is some how prepared in the 3D program before export right? Because the little exporter prog has not many settings at all, not even a place to upload any maps. I know im a total noob...


You can disable the baking features in the 3ds Max Exporter if you prefer to unwrap and map your textures yourself. Cinema 4D also has pretty robust texture baking features, but not in the Exporter plugin. In either software/exporter, your texture maps will be included in the upload (embedded in the FBX file).

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Thanks, I will just have to learn how to ensure they do. I haven't been able to get one of my maps to show up yet. Thanks for your help. Will keep tinkering.


You can also upload textures in 3D Settings, after the model is uploaded.