Using the structure scanner

(Bellann4) #1

hi , if someone here is using the structure scanner from occipital, i need to know if you are able to scann perfectly, or without big issue on the legs , shoes , top of the head??? ill take all the help

(Jeremy Barker) #2

I use it all of the time at conventions. You can check my models to see what kind of results I get. But you are never going to get a perfect scan that doesn't require a good bit of touch up using 3D modeling software. I use MeshMixer to fix mine. I also hire someone to fix the ones that I can't fix on my own. At conventions, I charge extra for props, capes, and anything that I know I'll need to farm out to a real 3D modeler.

(Trinim3) #3

Hi @bellann4.

I've done a lot of portrait scans with my structure and only ONCE did the scanned portrait come out 99% perfect. Largely because the dress the person was wearing had a nice pattern that the scan technology liked and her resulting 3D model was all but perfect.

All other portrait scans require some to extensive clean up depending on the pose/clothing of the subject. You'll have to experiment with different scanning rotation angles of the subject to see what works better for you. For example, I've found that if I scan a subject vertically instead of horizontally, the feet come out rather ok... but the face, not so much.

Hands extended away from the body are very very difficult to scan properly.

As for the top of the head, if you are above the subject you'll get a better solution compared to if you only manage to scan the top from the sides.

(Bellann4) #4

thank's for you answers, i will try to get better on meshmixer :slight_smile: for now i pay someone too to correct my models (i'd like to save money on that, cuz it cost alot when we have to pay someone). From now , i am writing every test i did with my structure scanner : how was the light, where the lights came from , how did i scanned (vertically or horizontally)... maybe i'll find the best combination someday soon (i wish), for now the best result i got was in a gym. Did both of you ever did scanned someone outside (i tried but the result are so poor), i'll have to finf a solution on that cuz i want to go on sports events, and scanne people there. And about printing... where do you get your scans printed (sorry for my poor english, i'm use to speak french)

(Vlad) #5

This toy from Occipital?

While studios pay huge moneys for ~100 DSLR camera rigs and use modern software like CapturingReality or ContextCapture you want have perfect result from "toy sized" cameras? Let me guess, you also at least use Photoscan?

Well, if you setup good rig with 500 Occipital "structure" scanners and many pro lightings, and will use CapturingReality for calculate objects. In this case you probably will have good result.

You probably can use one scanner, but you need shoot photos every step that cover about 50cm of body with 80% coverage between shots. Well this is about 300-500 shots. I think this "body" kill you first than you finish :smiley:

(Bellann4) #7

Hey ssh4... maybe my toy does great as a printer
in California thought i was scanning with a photogrammetry system ... i
had to admit i did it with a toy. And thinking of your answer here, i
asked him if there was such a difference between my toy and 100 DSLR
camera ... he told me the difference would be in the time it tooks to
scan and that my toy wont be able to scan animals or young children
(which i dont want to scan anyway), so for few minutes scanning instead
of few seconds, you can guess that i prefer the price of a structure
sensor . And let me say that with 25 pictures took with my canon DSLR i
did a pretty 3D model with 123D catch ...

(Vlad) #8

Ok, ok!
We have difference in understanding word "Perfect".
If 123Catch and small sensor camera is perfect for you, answer for your question in first post - yes, you can.

(Bellann4) #9

yess, this is perfect for me now (for what i paid versus what i get) maybe i should have use an other word than perfect, asking my question in french would be different but who cares. I have to pay someone to repair, thats why i asked this questions, to receive advide from those you have that scanner. So if you dont mind i'll take advises from those you have one. But thanks to you :slight_smile: when ill have a photogrammetry system we'll talk but now i have a structure.