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Using Vertex Colors

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How use vertex color in materials?

Technical support
(Bart) #2

Hi, I've moved your question to it's own topic.

@james can you help @engine9?

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I use blender 2.73 + sketchfab uploader plugin.


Vertex Colored Ball by 3dsharklasers on Sketchfab


So exporting collada or FBX works?

(Barlaensdoonn) #5

I am having the same issue. Blend file does not show vertex colors in sketchfab, nor does collada. FBX does, but it comes out very flat, would be nice to keep the lights from Blender

Mushroom collada
by barlaensdoonn
on Sketchfab

Mushroom blend file
by barlaensdoonn
on Sketchfab

Mushroom fbx
by barlaensdoonn
on Sketchfab

**Edit: not sure why embed code isn't working

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Here's how:

(Barlaensdoonn) #7

Thank you =]

Mushroom collada by on Sketchfab

Mushroom blend file by on Sketchfab

Mushroom fbx by on Sketchfab


For the FBX one you can switch lighting to Shadeless in 3D settings to improve colors.

Still looking into Blender vertex color issues.

(3DGEOM) #9

Interesting-- is this happening for people in b3D engine or cycles or both?

I have had problems in the past w/ color print code due to b3D cycles export and the problem was resolved if I generated materials in cycles first, and then linked color UV data manually in b3D engine.

Will definitely update my post after I try it, sorry if that is too simplstic but at least offer a first-line approach as a guess


@chrisleggett definitely let us know if you find something. I don't have any experience with vertex colors in blender...

(Engine9) #11

uploader - no
collada - no
obj - no
fbx - yes

(Sumoncpi) #12

I'm just seeing some grass on the field beside a white rock. So where is the mushroom please?

(Barlaensdoonn) #13

Here's one of the original photos for reference:

(Waleguene) #14


We now support Blender's vertex colors on Sketchfab (since about a month).
@engine9 OBJ vertex colors are normally supported (both regular and zBrush's), can you give me more details about the test you did?



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I have finally found the answer ! @james , also thanks to @waleguene. OBJ vertex colors are supported which is good to konw.

In Blender 3D, to add vertex colors, you have to go to the vertex properties panels and actually ensure you have added vertex color sets to your model before you can incorporate them into your compositing work flow or paint onto them directly within the software prior to uploading.

Totally saving up for Zbrush, it's too worth it for a 3D professional, and I still don't have it.

(3DGEOM) #16

Sweet. @engine9 -- it was for me not intuitive to think you would have to add vertex color data in the vertex properties panel before you can start dealing with them, but it actually makes sense if you are building materials and want to get a couple of different color modes going.

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Thanx, its working!

(3DGEOM) #18

Yeah that's a definite that @sketchfab1 supports #b3D vertex color groups (that's definitely the case by default if you upload it as a wrl export in my case from this test with the Hiram Powers sculpture from X 3D.

Material Render

**Raw image showing 3 separate vertex color groups fed into mix color nodes into the material output for the sculpture mesh asset. @james