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Using vr goggles

(Shedking) #1

I have some models posted on my website ( that give visitors the option of viewing in
VR with vr goggles. My models are actually sheds that visitors can buy plans for off my
site. So when I am viewing one of the shed models in VR mode with my vr goggles how do I
actually walk around and into the shed? My goggles are the 'VR Box' goggles. When I move
my head around the model moves somewhat, but thats all the movement I can get!

(Lord00120) #2

As far as I know, this isn't because of sketchfab, but just because Google Cardboard doesnt allow walking around physically, because the phone cant tell the location correctly. This is also why htc vive has two laser stations aimed at the headset :slight_smile: