Using with Daydream without turning off NFC

(Mettinger) #1

I’m trying to view a model in VR with the Sketchfab app but when I insert my phone into the Daydream headset, the Daydream app starts and I cannot see my model. A quick google search reveals turning off NFC prevents the Daydream app from starting and in this case I can see my model but I lose connectivity to my controller and therefore cannot navigate.

How can I both view my Sketchfab model and also use the controller for navigation?

Thanks in advance,

(Mettinger) #2

OK, I uninstalled the Sketchfab Android App and now links to models open in Chrome. The Daydream controller works as documented when viewing models in VR mode in Chrome.

p.s. Admittedly the Daydream controller is primitive but better navigation would be nice!!