UT2004 vehicle, Scorpion [Progress and fly-by camera]


(Hdvdeargentina) #1

Hi, Sketchfab! A few months ago I bought all the Unreal games, and fell in love with the Unreal Tournament 2004; what a great game!
This was my inspiration to create this model, a fast vehicle with a cannon and two extensible blades.
It took me like 3 weeks, some days I worked on it for hours, spending all my free time.
It's made in Blender 3D, I also added a fly-by camera to show some details, enjoy:

(Please, Sketchfab, add cameras, it was really hard to do. I finished animating 3 AM, lol)

I want to say... once finished, with textures and rigging (wheels, cannon and blades), the model will be downloadable for FREE! It still needs some work.

I took some screenshots to share in a small community, so now I can share my progress with you, guys ^^

Here is a screenshot of the Scorpion in-game:

And this is how I did my model:

First I started with the main piece, it's my first screenshot:

Then I added a few details to make it look a bit better:

Suddenly, wheels:

A day after, I added some details to the wheel:

And then, some details to the chasis:

And more:

A few details under it:

And took a screenshot from the wireframe:

With every single screenshot I took, I said a lot of times "This is from Unreal Tournament 2004" but people keep asking if this is from Halo. My reaction:

Okay, let's continue. These wheels are flying! Then I added the suspension:

And that was the car so far:

Next I made the rear suspension, copied part of the front one and modified it:

Then I started with the blades:

And finished it the next day. The geometry was a bit hard, almost everything in the original model from the game are textures:

Whoops! Forgot something. Now it's drivable:

A few more details from behind and the sides:

And more details! Well, just a few, I destroyed part of the wireframe trying to add those details, so I wasted a lot of time to restore it:

Then those lights, those dang lights. I spent an hour trying to make it look like this, then I've remembererd that I can do this with an array... so I did:

The blades aren't a great thing until you see it in action. This is how you expand/collapse it. Ignore the second arm, I forgot to disable Mirror:

After checking the wheels, I saw a missing detail, so I added it:

A few more details under the vehicle (not sure what the heck is this):

And more details! And some geometry fix:

After adding and fixing all the remaining details, I started with the cannon:

And finished it the next day:

And voilá! The finished model from yesterday!

All the screenshots are from the Blender viewport (except for a few gifs), I don't know how to render because all what I model is only uploaded in Sketchfab, so sorry for no antialias.

I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I enjoyed making it. Now I have some questions:
- What do you think that would be the best way to mark seams? All the details are in 3D, the geometry is a mess.
- Something weird or missing? Something needs a rework? If you see something weird, just tell me, I'll do my best to fix it.
- Unwrapping and texturing can be done without aplying a subdivision surface? I don't want to ruin the model applying it and then finding something weird. I want to make it high poly with a two level subdivision modifier without applying it after finishing with the textures.
- My sharp edges aren't sharp after uploading the models, so I add an Edge Split modifier before sharing the model. This adds a lot of vertices. Any solution for this?
- Come on, Sketchfab, add animated cameras. Just look at this presentation, it will be one million times better with a camera rotating and translating correctly. Any chance to see it in the future? ^^

Well, that's all. And sorry for my english. Thanks for reading!

Edit: somebody needs to drive it, so after finishing it I must continue working on Mmmmmister Crow!

(Hdvdeargentina) #2

I totally forgot about this topic. I'm not sure if somebody was following it, so I'll add all the changes I did after this topic:

UV map is ready, so now I can texture this beast:

I also rigged the car. I saw something like this in the texture, not sure if this is the way it works. This is the turret support. It have two axes: one for left-right and another for up-down. There's an extra bone that's always being targeted by the cannon so this movement is automatic:

And then this, it moves the wheels using some constraints. I just rotate the steering wheel and the wheels follows its rotation:

here is a painted version of the car. I just wanted to see how it looks. The final version will use PBR materials. Meanwhyle, here is a basic preview:

After trying to do a better painting I noticed something wrong in the UV map: overlaping pieces. So I fixed a few of them and now I need to paint it again. Silly me.

Okay, now some rigging: I just animated the pistons on the suspension:

And I have no idea how it's supose to move. Did the metal bends? I missed some moving part? I'll figure it out sooner or later. The next day, after some little fixes, I continued with this:

And then the 4 rear pistons, now it looks pretty good, I think:

And I was experimenting with the suspension to make it react with the terrain for a more automatic movement, but I don't like the results, so the only change are the wheels spinning automatically while the Scorpion moves foward or backward. Right now it have 50 bones.

As you can see, I added some kind of "flat tire" effect with a simple deformer. I had a happy accident here: the shape is restored when the wheels don't touch the ground, heh. Anyways I removed this deformation temporally because I'm not sure how to make it face the ground properly on bumps.

About the other change... I said I don't like how the suspension reacts when I automatize the movement. I was making some tests and now I really love how it works, just look at this:

I only make the car move foward and rotate it a bit, the wheels going up and down with the terrain and the suspension following these wheels are automatic.
My objetive now is add the wheel deformation to simulate the weight again and maybe automatize the rotation in the chassis so I don't need to make it manually. I'm not sure if this is possible without programming, because this movement IRL is not instantaneous, unlike how I could do it.

An hour ago I uploaded an animation to check if Sketchfab will recognize all those bones and setting:

The only problem I have right now are the wheels not going up or down in the bumps like in the last gif. I'll do it manually in the final upload. It's still a work in progress.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Until the next update!

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #3

Nice work it reminds me my first 4x4 rigg :wink:.

(Chaitanyak) #4

thats a nice rig @KrzysztofZwolinski
however as @hdvdeargentina has discovered reactive terrain wont work on sketchfab(yet) will have to be manually animated.. or maybe you can bake the animation?