UV mapping perfect pixel textures


(Thechosenone) #1

I am trying to model a Mech in a very simplistic style with pixelated textures.
I am trying to achieve something similar to this:

or this:

Here are the textures from the last one:texture

Im having issues with the UV mapping.I am trying to make my mech have similar textures in that way that they are pixelated,straight and perfect.The mech here has a texture size of 128,but im trying with 256.

I have tried with the lightmap pack unwrapping and with smart UV mapping and both make most of the UV straight but they make them distorted at places and not pixel perfect.
The ideal solution would be if somehow all the UVs of the faces could be laying on the normal of the face without any distortion,that way all the pixel would be perfect squares.
I have pixel snapping on and with that still some UV faces arent rotated perfectly straight so the pixels go at a angle.
The only idea that comes to my head is to try to UV unwrap everything by hand which would be really tedious...

Here is the mech i want to UV unwrap


Do you have an example uploaded that you can share?

Have you tried setting the texture to Nearest filtering after uploading?

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I found the answer.The problem wasnt how its showing,i know to set it to nearest for pixel perfect.The UV was the issue,i wanted everything to be as straight as possible and i found the answer.Using smart UV mapping in blender with a low angle limit did the thing,its as close as possible to it.But thanks anyway :smile:


Ah I see. Glad you figured it out :smiley: