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UV maps disapeared?

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So this is the first time I've uploaded, and I was trying to upload a zip file that contained separate .obj's that had their own UV and texture maps. But when I uploaded, only one of the .obj files loaded and it applied the wrong .jpg texture map. I tried to load all the objects with their maps into Lightwave, which I had done successfully before trying to upload the files to sketch fab, but now only UV map for the .obj that uploaded to Sketchfab is applying to all my models, and it appears to have overwrite it or something because I've lost the UV maps for these .objs. Is this a flaw in the way I save my .objs with UV maps?



UVs and textures should be preserved if they are saved in the OBJ.

Normally, we don't support multiple model files in the same upload. However, it is possible (only with OBJ files) by including an empty file called 'sketchfab.zbrush' in the upload.


This is a bit of a hack we use to handle ZBrush exports.

If you're still having trouble, can you please send me the files?

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Thanks so much for the quick response. Including the empty file you provided did help a lot but I'm still not quite there. I published my model so you could see where I'm at. I have all the .jpgs loaded in the 3D settings editor but since you can't select different parts of the model I'm stuck. The table is the only thing I can edit itself so I applied it's texture.

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Got it all figured out. Zbrush has a plugin to export all visible subtools to .objs and includes the .mtl and .bmp files. Uploaded a zip file with all of those and the empty file you provided and it was smooth sailing from there. Thanks again.


Cool! That's actually exactly what our ZBrush plugin does (plus direct upload to your account):

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Would that plugin work with 4R6?


Yes, it should.