V-GER 3D Scan Services - Italy

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A World of 3D Scan

V-GER sets no limit to what you can scan.
Our innovative and versatile approach makes us the best Italian partner for 3D Scanning and 3D Modeling. V-GER carries out its activity in research, development, design and prototyping, marketing and support in collaboration with leading international hardware and software companies such as: Creaform, RangeVision, FUEL3D, 3DSystems, SpaceClaim, Delcam.

V-GER offers consulting and prototyping services and components development both for scanning and tridimensional modeling of people and objects for industrial, architectural, cultural, biomedical and creative purposes.
You think, we make it real.

References: Università degli Studi di Perugia, FIDIA, Karman&Line
Website: http://www.vger.eu/
How to contact: email info@vger.eu phone call to 0039 0 51 802864

Service description

We can offer our Scan Service in all these sectors:

Industrial Design
Medical Industry,
Sport & Wellness,
Media & Entertainment,
Arts, Crafts and Jewellery,
Cultural Heritage,
Archaeology and Paleontology,
Architecture and Geomatics

handheld structured-light 3D scanner, Go!SCAN 3D series and HandySCAN by Creaform, RangeVision Professional by RangeVision, ScanRider by V-GER, Scanify by FUEL3D and other scanners for metrology,
Geomagic Studio and Wrap, SpaceClaim, Creaform VXModel, Delcam Power Shape
Location: Bologna and Perugia cities
Ability to travel: Italy and Europe
Resolution: from 30 microns up
Guaranteed accuracy: up to 0.05% of the object


Bacco mask: 3DScan with RangeVision SMART by vger3D on Sketchfab

Venice mask: 3D Scan with ScanRider 3D scanner by vger3D on Sketchfab

Ganesh: 3D Scan with ScanRider 3D scanner by vger3D on Sketchfab