V-Ray Shaders to Sketchfab

(3 Do) #1

Hello !

It should be great to keep textures connection when exporting a scene with V-Ray shaders. Our customers ask us rendering pictures so I use V-Ray for Maya. But now they ask us for every projects real time 3D too (because they love Sketchfab with Oculus rift :))
So when I export V-ray shaders, Sketchfab don’t keep the textures connections and I have to do the job twice…First for the rendering and a second time for the real time shaders.
Is it possible for Sketchfab to convert V-ray shaders to Sketchfab shaders in keeping the diffuse connections ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Omg3d) #2

the same story with vray shaders 3ds max, tell me, you materials with color values correctly displayed or also reset?

(3 Do) #3

no all is white :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
For the colors I have to pick the value for all of them -_-

(Omg3d) #4

it remains to wait when they fix it import vray to sketchfab materials