/v3/me/models not returning all my models?

(Ashenkin) #1

Hi folks,

I’m trying to list all my models using /v3/me/models, and while I have 80 models, only 24 are being returned. Many are private, but most are published… any thoughts on what may be happening?


(Bart) #2

API results are paginated and limited to 24 items at a time:


When a request gives many results, results are paginated using cursors. Each response will contain these fields you can use to make subsequent requests:

  • next: full URL containing the next results.
  • previous: full URL containing the previous results.
  • cursors: an object containing the previous and next cursor that you can use to build the URL to the previous/next results.

By default, pages contain 24 items. You can use the count parameter to change the number of items per page.

You can read more about this in our API documentation.

(Ashenkin) #3

Thanks bartv. Using sketchfab’s code examples, i’m still not able to pull down more than 24 items at a time when specifying the count parameter. Any suggestions?

r = requests.get(my_models_endpoint, params={'count': '200'}, **_get_request_payload())

(Bart) #4

Yes, the API is designed to never return more than 24 results. Use the ‘next’ URL to recursively load more models.