/v3/models/{uid} returns archive size 0


So i find it very odd that when you search, the results come in with archive file size, but when you query for a particular item it comes in as 0.

The documentation of /v3/models/{uid} does not say archive comes back as a result, but it does, and the Unity sketchfab integration depends on that as well.

But why not return the values?, you are forcing us to get the download link in order to find out how large the archive is and that makes it count towards our download limit.

We reviewed this, but since the information is already available in the search we don’t want to add another endpoint. Running the search does not count towards your daily download limit.

Hi, I don’t think you understood the problem. The problem is that we don’t do a search, why would a search be required to get a specific item?

When you ask for a specific item, it should return the archive sizes without forcing us to request the download links to get that information.

Requesting download links in order to get the archive size does seem to count towards download limit.

Thanks for the input we understand the issue and we will look into it (no ETA). It’s sensible that knowing the available archive size shouldn’t count toward the download limit.

Which endpoint are you using the get the archive size?

We’d also like to understand more about the sketchfab/unity integration you mention - what are you trying to achieve?


To get the archive size through the download URL we use:

We are integrating Sketchfab onto Figmin XR, an AR/VR content creation platform where you can even make physics games with the models among infinite other use cases.

A user can add a sketchfab URL to it’s import list from an external computer, on the XR device the sketchfab model ID is received and a dialog is shown to the user with the details. The archive size returns 0 and that’s the sourced of the problem.

So as you can see on the XR device a search never occurred.

There is another use case, a user can convert a sketchfab 3d model into Voxels so it can be fully editable with our suite of tools (If license allows), the original author of the sketchfab model is retained so a user might want to see who built the original model, thus request the model info directly in this way too.