Valentine 2015 Entry - a funky cupid

(Michał Orzechowski) #1

Hello everybody!
It's my valentine contest entry. Sculpted and texture in ZBrush.
Hope you will like him and that he will make you laugh.

Available for download of course. May not feet for printing because he's floating in air wink but oh well.

Cheers and happy valentines day to ya all.

Funky Cupid by mihciko on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Nice one! I edited your post to enable the embed. Just edit it to see how I did it smile

(Michał Orzechowski) #3

Thank you for sorting that out for me !

(Michał Orzechowski) #4

Here are some wip images in case someone is interested in the process.
The concept changed with time, started as a pedant with baby (may come true someday).