Valentine Contest 2015 - "I Love You Like Zombies Love Brains"

(Tim Vizesi) #1

So tonight I started my entry for the Valentine Contest.

Its a low poly, flat shaded version of a 2D image I gave as a card to my fiance last year - with the words "I love you like zombies love brains."

I am not sure who to credit this little dude, I cant find him online anywhere!

I kind of got a bit carried away with his surrounding environment, but this is just a teaser until I get him up on Sketchfab properly. I hope you enjoy! smiley

(Bart) #2

Hey Tim,

that's an interesting theme wink I'm very much looking forward to it!

(Tim Vizesi) #3

A few AO renders with MR from 3ds Max

Diffuse Texture applied (MR 3dsMax)

This scene:
Modeling : 2-3hrs in total
Texturing : 1hr (from materials, bakes in 3ds max and final edits in photoshop)
Sketchfab settings : 30mins

The scene uses 2x 2048 textures (one for main scene and one for background with alpha).


(Michał Orzechowski) #4

Very cool concept and creation! I like it a lot smiley