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Validating Copyright as an indie dev

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So when rummaging around on the site I been caught once or twice by people claiming a model was cc0 with attribution or cc0 without attribution that they have not in fact got the copyright for. This seems to happen a lot for game assets being extracted from mmos and the like. Obvious examples would be the Tera online stuff, perhaps they have made the models public domain? or more likely not. Less obvious are things like animals which I downloaded and almost made it into my game but which after stumbling on another animal model which to paraphrase said “I extract my models from games” thankfully now won’t make it into my game.

Using these “cc0” models would cause problems as an indie dev as the original game devs are likely to sue for copyright breach should I unknowingly use that model within my game.

So what I am asking is there a service or way to validate that the models are in fact from the copyright holder or are in public domain? I can’t simply look at the license since there are many instances on this site where using the “free” model would constitute a copyright breach that have a cc0 license and be anything but “free” should the game be released.

To those people giving away “free” models extracted from a game.

  1. You should be aware that you can be sued, since you are claiming to hold the copyright by stating a cc0 license can be used.
  2. If you in any way care about indie devs, please use the non-commercial license so that we don’t get sued. You still might though… as I think you are still claiming ownership even with the non-commercial license.

To be clear, I personally, don’t have a problem with the extracted game models being on the site, I just need to know I can’t actually use them for my game.

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