Valkyrie Warrior

Hi guys,
Here is my lastest file i made, Valkyrie Warrior, i made based on concept of Seok Jeon


Very good character. I have two comments. The first is that the hair mesh is too density. The second is that some attributes are probably too big :slight_smile:

It looks good, and the face is well made. Maybe you should strengthen your eyebrows? There is a problem. When she is in the side view, her body is leaning forward, I think it is necessary to correct it.
In fact, I think there is no problem with a plump breast. You can pay attention to the upper body ratio (breast to face). It should be more natural. I think it ’s pretty good elsewhere.:grinning:

Perhaps use alpha cards for the eyebrows, the skin shading tends to conflict with hair A simple quad strip with a front angle, match it up with the texture map in 3d, then clone stamp out the painted eyebrows on your albedo map. I do this for my characters (checkout my work).