Val'shara in Turmoil


(Louisbeveridge) #1

Hi there!
I'm a bit late to the party, but I feel I've always worked better under pressure, so here goes nothing :slight_smile:

I don't play WoW, but I've always loved the art style; so to any hardcore fans that notice lore inconsistencies in my idea, this is my apology in advance :wink:
(that being said, I've done a little bit of homework on the lore)

My idea to show a small scene within Val'shara where a meteor from the legion invasion has struck the trunk of an ancient fallen tree, and is oozing out green acid into the surrounding environment.

I also intend on having red plant-life down near the fallen arch-way which I've gathered is a result of corruption in the land, and then more natural greenery up near the house and the tree.

As a completed diorama I want to convey a sense of struggle between good and evil in Val'shara.

As for characters, if I do manage to get this done with time to spare before the 22nd, I might make it so an Infernal hitched a ride in with the meteor.

(Louisbeveridge) #2

Got the bulk of the sculpting done on the tree, fallen arch, and landmass.

Also got the ball rolling with the foliage by sketching out a few flowers, leaves, and vine ideas.

I have a fair amount of spare time tomorrow, so hopefully I can get all of the props baked out and ready for texturing.


Plenty of time left, looking good!

(Bart) #4

Welcome on board! Keep in mind there's only one week left, so you'd better hurry :slight_smile:

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Have fun!


Love your style and the sketches-- very pretty! Excited to see where this goes!

(Michael Calvert) #6

Great concept, looking forward to seeing it develop.

(Louisbeveridge) #7

Regretfully, I won't be able to complete my entry in time for the 22nd.
Full-time uni + working weekends has completely soaked up the free time slots that I wanted to dedicate towards this project.

That being said, I can't wait to finish this up in my own time as a passion project!
Good luck to everyone else, it's been awesome to see some of the incredible work being done :slight_smile:

Here's where I got up to; Low-Poly versions of two main assets with baked normals.

Val' Shara In Turmoil - WIP
by Louis Beveridge
on Sketchfab

(Michael Calvert) #8

Glad to hear you're going to finishing it up post contest. I'll probably be doing the same thing.