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Varnos, game character idea


(Pedrolovisoto) #1

Hi guys, I am a game design student from Brazil, and I had this idea of some sort of universe/world where the grim reapers come from, you know, there are a lot of souls to take and just one guy wouldn't make it all alone, anyway, I imagine some sort of "Agoge" for the training, when they are young they are isolated from their society and have to train alone until they reach adulthood. This character (Varnos) is close to the end of this journey, the mark on his arm and the medallion were given to him at his birth, being brands that represent from where he came from, they glow when he enters into combat (not stealth at all, I know hahaha). For the clothes, I had imagined a basic/urban approach instead of going full cliche and use a robe. Any feedback would be really appreciated.

TLDR: Any feedback would be really appreciated.

(Lord00120) #2

Nice concept, not sure I understand the whole backstory, especially the "agoge" part :wink:
Is the model finished here? :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #3

Nice idea and a nice model @pedrolovisoto :slight_smile:

If I was going to change anything, I'd make the ambient lighting a little brighter. With the light source behind him, you lose a lot of the model detail on his front in the darkness.

I also think about losing the environment background in favour of a fixed background or even a flat colour. I don't think the current one really adds anything to the scene, in fact it feels more like a blurry distraction.

Good work so far, though :wink:

(Pedrolovisoto) #5

Thanks, yes, the model is finished (I do not know if that's a good or bad thing hahaha). About the Agoge part, I was trying to say from where I took the idea of the training and isolation, from the spartan training named Agoge, just parts of it, not the full concept.

(Pedrolovisoto) #6

Thanks for the feedback, you are right, it loses a lot of details, I will try to improve the light in the scene