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Vastar, the cursed on

(Jeffbori) #1

There's an old story about an undead captain and his filthy ship, rare are those who had the chance to see it , but they say that Vastar know alot about the plague , maybe even a little bit too much... No one know in which camp he figures in this war but one things is sure, for a couple of bucks, he will sell you the most unusual items and weapons.

Still working on every details and this is completly unfinish , i'm not a big fan of WOW but i looked at the trailer and this is what comes to me

Did you think this could work?

Here's a sketch about futur details im gonna make (sorry for the drawing XD)

(Michael Calvert) #2

Vastar is lore I don't know, what's the back story too that?

(Jeffbori) #3

Still working on the story but i need more information about the legion expansion and all the story before

(Michael Calvert) #4

The video on the blog covers a good amount that they'll share before release. There is also some lore channels on youtube that have some theories.

(Jeffbori) #5

ok but i can create the story as i want? still not sure about the concept of the contest,

(Jeffbori) #6

we just create something that could fit with the legions expansion story ?

(Michael Calvert) #7

Yeah, something inspired by WOW Legion. Reread the blog again for the rules.

(Jeffbori) #8

i had in mind that he could be like a rare seller that appears sometime and sell nice items . He would appears at the same time the legion comes


Either way, I still love the way this looks! Loving the eyes!

(Jeffbori) #10

i am now thinking about doing something different like a big boss battle scene with a huge monster as the character.... i could use the big fish demon skull head for it... sound like a good idea?

(Jeffbori) #11

forget about it i just looked at that video: and it gave me some idea for the boat so still doing it

(Phaedrus) #12

You could still make this part of legion, the Fel energy of the demons could have ressurected the captain and the boat or something :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeffbori) #13

Nice you give me so much idea for this project, thks :slight_smile:

(Bart) #14

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.