VDB volume grid support for smoke/fire

Hello Everyone,

I’m seeing a few test examples of volume grid support on Sketchfab. I was wondering if any exporter or file format supports openVDB so I could include a still frame of volumetric smoke or fire to a 3d model?

Any advice or how to would be appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi cyrilm,

While I don’t know much about VDB volumes, having a look at a few VDB tagged comments lead me to this model: Fluffy Cloud ☁ 2 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by UJWAL CHAUHAN (@xamplle) [6b48b51] - Sketchfab Store

In the comments the author briefly describes his process as “The whole process is done in Cinema 4D, I created vdb cloud with x-particles plugin, And sliced ​​it with some tricks. and baked the XYZ textures of sliced vdb volume” and is using the FBX file format.

So to me, it appears that there isn’t any direct support for VDB volumes, but rather a process to convert the volume to a more ‘standard’ style of geometry.

Hope this is somewhat helpful! (and sorry if it isn’t :sweat_smile:)

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Thank you nomadking, that’s more information than I had before.

That is an interesting technique, but I bet that is very labor intensive. If the grid of voxels is high, there are a lot of slices to texture map etc.

There must be a more automated process somewhere. Unreal engine is supporting VDB volumes now so I though Sketchfab was hopefully supporting that in some way soon.

Thank you,

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Another thing I found that might be useful - a video showing VDB’s being imported into Blender: How to Import OpenVDB files in Blender - YouTube

I don’t think there’s any technique that will be labor-free, but with the Blender community being so large, I’m sure someone will know a process of going from Importing a VDB to exporting something that would work as a Sketchfab upload.

Good luck! :nerd_face:

Thank you Nomadking for the video link, much appreciated! :+1: