Velvet Effect in Sketchfab

Hello. In Modo, when I visualize the fabric, I apply a gradient to the surface and apply a diffuse amount linked to the incidence angle, and I obtain a high diffuse amount that concentrates in places perpendicular to the viewpoint. Like the velvet effect.

What should I do to achieve the same result at Sketchfab?

Hmmm… I am not sure and quick googling didn’t help much, but I think you could achieve this effect with inverted normal map. I have to do some tests though

Inverted normal map as which map? Anisotropy?

Nah. In real time render you need to bake textures and one of them is called Normal Map. There are two types of them: DirectX and OpenGL. I need to double check this, but I think Sketchfab is using DirectX.
After making a normal map or while making one you can invert color channel which would probably end up looking similar to the velvet reflection effect. But this is only theory of my :slight_smile:

Some small update. Sketchfab is using OpenGL after all :blush:
Also, I did a quick test with normals and it sort of works. It needs much more tinkering, but it’s a start.

You can download the texture to see what I did to normal and roughness maps. But basically, I made normal a bit more greenish and roughness a bit less rough on the pattern.

Also I guess you could give it a go with Anisotropy and see how it goes.


We’re actually experimenting with a “Sheen” channel which should be great for materials like velvet.

There is no ETA on this, but here’s a sneak peek:

@warkarma for what it’s worth, we default to OpenGL but you can flip Y in 3D Settings if you use DirectX.



Wonderful news. When can we use the Sheen effect?

There is currently no ETA.