Venusian Paint well

(Catilaporte) #1

Little is known from the mad scientist, who, after finding a can of Venus
paint on a flee market, (brought back by the first mission on Venus) spent almost 20 years of his life and
fortune extracting liquid light to build the Venusian Color well,
The marble palace sadlly became his funeral monument,
Accident or suicide? How his life was ravished by the colors? To this day it remains a mystery.

From “A can of paint”, Van Vogt:
“The reality, he saw on second glance, was more chromatically
splendid than that. He shone in about ninety colors. The various
combinations did not blur dully one into the other. They merged with a
sharp brightness that seemed to make even the most subtle shades project
with intensity. Yet in some curious fashion the paint was not showy. It
was bright, but it did not hurt his eyes. It was brilliant, but it
failed to jar his sense of good taste. He had come to sneer, but he
remained several minutes to appraise its startling beauty.
He turned away at last. ’If,’ he thought, ’I could get a spoon­ful
loose, I could put it into a retort and analyze it.’

(Bart) #2

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