Vert colours different on new app compared to web

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Just downloaded the new sketchfab app (its great!)

I recently uploaded a scene which uses vert colours and noticed its colours are a lot darker on the new app compared to the website :-/. I'm wondering if it's something I've done wrong?! Maybe a raw vs srgb issue?
The model in question is my vert coloureds piank

Thanks for any help!

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hmmm, it looks as though the tone mapping filter isn't being applied in the app for some reason. Turning that off in the browser version gives similar results...


Hmm weird. Which model and what device / OS.

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hi - its this model

viewing on an iPhone 5c.

Im currently experimenting with uploading the same model but in different ways. (will get back to you on the results)

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ok... I uploaded the same fbx but this time using the Unity exporter. It looks the same in both the app and mobile browser

would you be able to take a look and see what difference there is? Vert colours and colour management is driving me crazy lately! :slight_smile:


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(ps.. the first model was simply a maya fbx i uploaded from my desktop)

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back again :slight_smile:

Ive figured out what the difference is, my first model had a grey lambert which meant it needed brightening with the filter (strange as I didn't think vert coloured models would be effected by their materials) The unity uploaded model has a white material

I guess it solves my issue, but still a little odd that the sketchfab filter isn't applied in the app.


Yes that's strange. The only thing I can think of is that shadows aren't supported on iOS, so if the old version had shadows it could look different - unless you meant "website" on mobile too :confused:

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yeah, perhaps its an iPhone thing. Basically the filter Id applied didn't show up on the iPhone app, but did have an effect when viewed from the site on my iPhone (safari). Guess its a niche issue anyway.


@stephomi any ideas?