Vertical Translation


(Hatch3d) #1

Model URL:

Browser: Chrome

Operating System: Windows 10

Description of problem: Basically when I initially open the link, the model is at the very top of the viewer so a little bit of her head is cut off. Moving it up and down manually is fine but I am try to embed the viewer and use the autospin. However once I click on the viewer to pull her down a bit, the autospin stops. So if there is a way to move her default position or restart the autospin after manually moving her.




Just move the model where you want it and click Save View. This sets the default position.

In fact, you can just double-click the background and it will re-center the model for you, then Save View :wink:

(Hatch3d) #3

Oh well that's simple enough, I always thought that was just like a way to save a screenshot of the view.

Thanks a lot!