Very sorry for the situation Sketchfab must bee in

(Jfm3d) #1

I think it is very very sad situation that Sketchfab must be in. I understand that when they change their politics and plans any new customer must agree to that, and excisting customers must accept that if they don´t upgrade any further models will not have the funcionallity that demand an upgrade. But that they tell people that have supported them since the start will loss the funcionallity on models that have been uploaded on a paid plan years ago, I think that is very bad handling of excisting customers, they must be in in a very bad situation to do this.

I would not go for any plan further on with Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

On the contrary they must be in a very good situation to do this, as the platform and company grows it outputs more and has a much higher overhead. The same features that are available today in the viewer were not available a few years back. Somebody had to build those features, somebodies salary needs to be paid… etc.

The company has grown and change is expected , Your logic leads itself to abuse you do realize that? So you expect a person that pays for one month of pro ,uploads 1000’s of models , uses all the pro features and then lets the plan expire should enjoy all those pro features for eternity even though they only paid for one month… ? This might not be you, but do realize the loophole that this situation presents and that it will be abused which will not be good for the company.

again you might not be an active heavy abuser but regardless you are riding in the same lane and that lane needs to be closed down for obvious reasons… This is good business practice, nothing is bad about them for doing this.

(Jfm3d) #3

Hi shaderbytes
Thanks for your reply, I hope you are wright. :slight_smile:

And I´m shure everybody will be happy if they double their price next year,
and …

(Shaderbytes) #4

haha , I cant see you are upset , no worries. This type of response you are giving would have been expected and calculated during the planning of the changes.

Thankfully there is always other web gl platforms giving competition so I doubt they will have a monopoly on the market where they would double prices in one year etc…