Very strange results from RealityCapture - horrible jutting out sections on flat surface?

Hey all,

I’m completely stumped by this. I shot what I thought was a good set of about 140 photos of a flat stone wall. This is what it looks like in real life:

I aligned them in RC but had some severe issues. I realised it was likely due to some far away angled photos I took, so I removed them and started alignment again from scratch. This made the result look a lot better, so I proceeded with high quality mesh reconstruction.

Now I’m looking at the finished model and it looks horrible! Here are some examples of the bizarre artifacts I’m getting:

Here’s a quick summary of the photos I took. They look pretty normal, right?

Is there anything wrong with the capturing process? All of the images are sharply in focus, shot at about 43mm with a Sony Alpha A7R II (42MP), ISO 500 with a shutter speed of 1/250.

I’m so frustrated. Anyone know what could be going on?

EDIT: just finished another mesh. The same thing is happening on this tree bark:

Here’s a further away shot to show that the area affect appears to be the result of taking photos from further away. Could that be the culprit?

I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

I don’t have much experience with RC, but maybe @nebulousflynn can help?

Hi @VenomSX and welcome to the forum!

It looks like some of your cameras are misaligned, causing RC to create mesh elements in different global spaces…

In general, it is a good idea to take photos from different distances i.e. wide, medium and close passes e.g.:

Can you share some of your images?

Did you changed the focal length / zoom between images at all?

To trouble shoot, you could also try running the same image set through demos of other photogrammetry software like Metashape, 3DF Zephyr or the open source Meshroom.

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Hi @james and @nebulousflynn!

Sorry, I really should have updated this topic. I completely forgot I posted here!

The culprit was silent shutter mode on my Sony Alpha A7RII. The silent shutter meant that a digital shutter was used instead, which of course brings about rolling shutter. This is distortion caused by fast movement, which I thought wouldn’t apply to my handheld shooting at a good shutter speed, but clearly it was causing tiny distortions which resulted in these awful cracks.

Switching back to regular shooting mode fixed everything! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for taking the time to write here!



Glad you got it sorted and thanks for sharing the solution :+1: