Very strange results from RealityCapture - horrible jutting out sections on flat surface?

Hey all,

I’m completely stumped by this. I shot what I thought was a good set of about 140 photos of a flat stone wall. This is what it looks like in real life:

I aligned them in RC but had some severe issues. I realised it was likely due to some far away angled photos I took, so I removed them and started alignment again from scratch. This made the result look a lot better, so I proceeded with high quality mesh reconstruction.

Now I’m looking at the finished model and it looks horrible! Here are some examples of the bizarre artifacts I’m getting:

Here’s a quick summary of the photos I took. They look pretty normal, right?

Is there anything wrong with the capturing process? All of the images are sharply in focus, shot at about 43mm with a Sony Alpha A7R II (42MP), ISO 500 with a shutter speed of 1/250.

I’m so frustrated. Anyone know what could be going on?

EDIT: just finished another mesh. The same thing is happening on this tree bark:

Here’s a further away shot to show that the area affect appears to be the result of taking photos from further away. Could that be the culprit?