Video Textures in Materials

(Migenius) #1

Are there any plans to support video textures in SketchFab (e.g., using a .mp4 as a texture)? As an example click the 3D link on the Google Nexus 6 website which then shows an animated screen. While we could fake it somewhat with the API by changing the texture it would be very difficult to get it as smooth as shown in this site.

Google are using a WebM video in this case so it doesn't seem to work on Safari but works fine in Chrome. Presumably WebGL can support video textures (e.g., Would be great if you could just use a video the same way as an image in the 3D editor in Sketchfab.

(Stephomi) #2

Video textures is available through our API :

For some reasons, the example (video textures) doesn't work anymore blush .
We'll try to fix it a bit later, as it's not our top priority right now.