View collections not models on my landing page

(Lulrich) #1

When a user comes to my landing page (outward facing public profile) is it possible to have a collection view rather than just show all my models? A collection would give better context since a # of my models will look similar.



It’s not possible at the moment, but in the future, we do hope to give users more control over their profile page with customization options.

(Lulrich) #4

Sounds good. What about the option to have properties for all models in a
spreadsheet like view so they could easily be recategorized, tagged, etc.,
without opening each one?


Yeah, we definitely want to make bulk editing models a lot easier. We have an experimental desktop app in the works to upload and manage models, but it’s not really ready yet.

(Lulrich) #6

I would be happy to beta-test (or alpha-test) if you need that type help.

Thank you for your replies. I am only just now getting into the CG, but
marrying it to my surgical teaching (I am an ophthalmologist and run a
residency program at Augusta University) is tremendous as far as the
explanations of what works and does not work.

A “health care” tag might be good (I am using science and technology).

Anyway, happy day to you and yours.