"View in VR" defaults to orbit mode?


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First, it's great to see expanded support for VR. Clicking a "View in VR" button is much nicer than appending "/embed?cardboard=1" (or whatever it was) to the end of the URL on a mobile phone.

Next, I'm a little confused about the camera behavior when viewing in VR. Even if you switch to First Person mode first, it looks like it automatically switches back to Orbit mode when you hit "View in VR", which isn't what you want when wearing a VR headset. See the following series of screenshots.

First, I open a model on my phone's browser and switch to first person:

Next, I hit "View in VR" then "Fullscreen." I check the view mode and see that it has switched back to Orbit:

I switch back to First Person, and this causes the camera to rotate (I was holding my phone as still as possible through this whole process):

Then I need to rotate my phone about 120 degrees (real world) to get roughly back to my original view:

I just checked and realized that I did not properly follow all the steps in this tutorial, mainly that I did not set the camera's field of view to 120 degrees (it's at 45 degrees):

How to set up a Cardboard VR scene for Sketchfab

I'm not sure if that contributes to some of my issues, but it still seems like "View in VR" mode should default to first person view (or stick with whatever view you had selected instead of switching back), correct?

This is on Chrome on an HTC One M8, Android 5.0.1.



Currently, VR mode is most appropriate for looking around an object, where Orbit mode makes sense.

We want to improve it for First Person use-cases in the future. For example, there's currently not a good way to 'walk'.

You should be able to pass the "?navigation=fps" parameter but it doesn't seem to work in cardboard mode. @mauricesvay or @stephomi I'm not sure if that's a bug or by design.

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Ah - I was only thinking in the context of placing the user in the middle of a room or environment, where you'd want to "look around" in first person mode. Of course orbit makes more sense for viewing an object.

Are there any (long-term) plans to add a way to "walk"? For example, I know in the Google Earth demo in the Cardboard app, you just toggle the headset's magnetic slider once to start moving forward, and again to stop. Similar to what happens if you press the up arrow in first-person mode when using SketchFab in a browser.


Yep we're definitely thinking about it and these kinds of features are on our roadmap. No ETA right now though.

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By design, we force orbit when cardboard is enabled.
We are currently working on VR improvement on all sides, including orbit/fps in VR.