"View in VR" Not working on mobile

(Mrincorvia) #1

Hello everyone. I'm running a small summer camp for a non-profit that promotes STEM for undeserved students. We were trying to get the "View in VR" to work with our google cardboard kits but we are not having any luck.

We did get it to work a few months ago when we were testing everything out, but now, when we click the button on our mobile phones, nothing happens.

Testing we've done.
Phones: LG G3, Nexus 6, iPhone 6, and a Galaxy S4.
Browsers: Chrome, Safari, and the build in browser on the LG phone.
I also tested it on our school network and at my own, home personal network.

Every time we click the button nothing happens. What might we be doing wrong?

(Ricardosimparo) #2

I have the same problem, running on a Galaxy S6. This started two days ago. Sorry I cannot help but I am looking for the same answer.


(Wontonanimalchin) #3

Please Sketchfab, can you make clear when the VR viewer does work again? It just to work pretty good, but suddenly it didnt!

(Jhsuuu) #4

Same here, using an LG G2. Clicking on the VR button for an animated model in Chrome brings up a blank screen.

VR mode works for still models, but the navigation is horrible.

I also installed the Sketchfab app thinking it might allow me to view web links through the app, but it does not. I would imagine having the functionality to view and explore community models through the app would be one of the obvious uses.

(Stephomi) #5

@jshirkucla can you give an example of a model that brings up a black screen?

Navigation and initial default camera position will be improved.
Also, we'll provide a tool in the editor to set the scale of the model for vr and the initial camera position.

However, we don't plan on adding back the old orbit system.

(Jshirkucla) #6

Sorry, I don't have an example of a black screen...this has not been occurring for me. But, I am having many, many issues with the VR experience.

1) It is impossible to navigate in an orbit mode. This has been the mainstay the viewing experience for months now. The current orbit experience does not allow me to rotate the model by rotating my head. In fact, it does not allow me to do much at all. Part of the intrigue of the VR system was being able to look at different parts by rotating your head, and I do hope this functionality does not go away.

2) Even in First Person mode, navigation is subpar. I am using an iphone and the Zeiss VR One headset, so to navigate in this mode I have to take the phone out of the headset to move.

3) I have a mesh overlay on many of my models. In VR, this overlay no longer sits over the model but is off by a short distance.

I would kindly suggest that the default orbit mode not go away every time modifications are made to the Sketchfab VR system. When the tried and true functionality of this method goes away, I think many of us (and our clients) are very frustrated. We certainly all understand that this is an iterative process and that improvements are constantly being made, for which we are grateful. But, to never know if the basic components of the system are going to be functional on a day-to-day basis has made Sketchfab almost unusable for me at this point.

(Solomontechnologylabs) #7

I agree with jshirkucla. Some of us are interested in displaying our models in the most basic way ( moving your head in certain orientations) and getting the model to orient appropriately. This is a fantastic ability in digital media you have created, but as characterized by others, "Ya shouldn't just change-horses-in-the-middle-of-the-stream!". Some of us are developing instances where large swaths of viewers will visit the site to see the various models. But that can't happen, when every few months you change the rules of the game! Please offer some ability to use the previous "Orbit" function, even if it has to be configured as a "Legacy" feature. Many of us will seriously appreciate that.

(Stephomi) #8

We might add it back (if we judge it is worth it)) when we'll finish implementing the necessary vr adjustment tool in the editor. Shouldn't be long (next few weeks).

(Solomontechnologylabs) #9

That would be truly amazing. And I don't use that term lightly. Thank you for the consideration.

(Jshirkucla) #10

I'll echo what SolomonTechnologyLab says above...for some of us users, the orbit mode has become crucial, and we need something basic and reliable that can be used while the other modifications are taking place. If you look at the other threads on the support forum around this issue, you'll see a good deal of frustration. To clients/investors/other interested parties, it doesn't matter why the system doesn't work on any given day, just that it doesn't do what was promised.


(Solomontechnologylabs) #11

Amen! Jshirkucla and fellow 3dD developers . . . There is no measure of how important this is to me. If there are others that feel even the tiniest bit the same way, please add your voices to the chorus and help the programmers of Sketchfab get back on the correct path. This is a wondrous community and platform they have developed, but it is nothing, "Nothing at all", without proper guidance from those that contribute to it's success. I don't mean to get philosophical on you, but Hey! This is important stuff!