View in VR not working


I am trying to view 3D models in VR using an Oculus Rift S device. I have followed the instructions on this page but it doesn’t work and I still get the same message when trying to view in VR (see picture below), is there anything I am missing here? I have tried in Win 10 and 11. The VR device works fine in the Oculus app and in Steam but Chrome does not appear to be recognising the device:

Did this ever get solved? I have this problem too. I used Sketchfab fine last year but now, a few months later it is not working for my Oculus.

Have you granted permission for Sketchfab to access VR? Check Chrome: Settings/Privacy & security/Site settings/Additional permissions/Virtual reality. It should be set to “Sites can ask to use virtual reality devices and data”. The first time you try to enter VR on Sketchfab, you should see a permission message. Once you have set permission once, it should work for all time. I have not tried this on a Rift, so don’t know if it will work for you.