View-only Models / Upload Limits / Model Capping


Just realized that there’s a new addition of view-only models credit. Just want to inquire why is it only 1 model allowed per month ~ 12 models per year. Seems a bit unfriendly to the basic user :frowning:

Edit: You can read about view-only credit here


20 view only models for pro users. OMG, what a shame. more and more restrictions.


Can anyone explain what the ‘view only’ models mean ? Can I ( as a free user ) only upload 1 model a month ? or is ‘view only’ something different ?

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ok, just write a bad opinion without suggestions and wishes is not nice. So I would like to have 30 models per month minimum for pro users if a restriction is so necessary. I would like to publish many archaeological objects, a download or purchase for this models is not an option here.

From what I understand, view only model is the model you upload without setting it to downloadable or purchasable. Meaning models where users can only view them without downloading or purchasing.


I just saw that, it’s just too much restrictions. Even with the plus version it’s not enough, I am going to seek other options to publish my work :confused:


What the hell?

A bunch of my models are commissions for other people, so of course I’m not going to let just anyone download them. :T Is this just a weird way to try and get money from people?

I’d understand a limited number of uploads per month vs forcing people to make them downloadable…


Looks like a very bad decision that’ll cause a lot of current users to fly away (even PRO restrictions?), and possible new users to not even register at all.

Would make sense if the prices were much lower. US$ 15 looks little for UK or US, but for most of the world that’s a lot of money at the end of the month. We’re paying a lot for the service (PRO members), and adding these restrictions will make it much less valuable.

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Hi everyone,

We understand this change is a surprise, but as a business we felt we had to make it in order to keep building and improving Sketchfab for years to come. We designed this change so that it will mainly impact professional users. We felt that the alternative - making Sketchfab an ad-supported platform and pay with your personal data - was worse for our users.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have:

Most people upload less than 1 model a month, so it’s enough for the needs of most people. The alternative that we explored was setting a fixed maximum number of models per free account. That would have been more limiting than getting a new upload each month.

We believe that $7/month is a very reasonable price for the service and the tools that we provide. Please also remember that unlike other platforms, we’re not using advertising to pay for our work.

We did run the numbers, and less than 1% of PRO users consistently upload more than 20 models a month, so we felt this wasn’t an outrageous limitation. If you consistently need more than that, it’s most likely because you are using it for your business, in which case upgrading to a bigger plan makes sense.

‘View only’ means that a model is not downloadable - either as a Creative Commons (free) download, or in the Sketchfab Store. As a free user you can upload 1 ‘view only’ mode a month. You will find more information about that on our Help Center.

If you’re using our platform for commercial work it seems only fair to use a paid subscription anyway, so I recommend you consider using a PRO plan in this case.

This is exactly what we did - you get one free ‘view only’ model per month. We’re not forcing anyone to make their work downloadable, but if they do, they can keep uploading models for free.

I sympathise with that. However, we feel our service fees are in line with what other creative platforms charge.


What benefit do you guys get from us marking models as free to download though?

It benefits them by making more people want to go pro/plus so they have more money to support the platform. I don’t particularly want to make my models downloadable either but I understand that to make money they need to get it somehow :smiley: They need to store all the 1000s of models on servers, the staff, the support,money for challenges etc

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As a new user wanting to sell models, I would now have to wait 10 months, 1 model a month, before I could even think about selling them ( based on the minimum of 10 models uploaded before sales are allowed), such a stupid decision, I’ve actually already deleted my sketchfab account.

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This was, admittedly, a mistake in documentation. We don’t require prospective sellers to have 10 models on Sketchfab anymore. Although it definitely helps to see that when you’re already a member of the community!

We just want to see examples of your work, even elsewhere like portfolios and other marketplaces.

Free content brings people the the site and the community, supports our growing ecosystem of 3D models, and grows the library of assets available to other tools, such as our importer plugins ( 3D software with importer - Sketchfab ). It also helps grow a more global collection of Creative Commons content.

Thanks for your support! :heart_eyes_cat:


at least let them accumulate over short period of time. Example I don’t upload models for 3 months I get 3 to upload (each month+1) but still 12 in a year max. Personally I am sometimes not that active and some months very. Honestly, your limitation is really easy to avoid anyways. People will set price for example 100 bucks for a simple model and there is no way you can monitor whole store or say it’s not worth it ;)It might even lead to stupid flood of overpriced models which will be hell to manage. Ough well pOtato potAto.


Well nitacawo idea is great, let it accumulate for each month that you don’t upload.

Anyways i have a burnning question, what happen with the challenges? if i use my view-only model previous to the challenge i won’t be able to participate in it? Or it is suppose that i make those models downloadable?

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Why still keeping the option for view-only models then? Making it obligatorily free for base users would help easing out the “ripping” dilemma. (but sellers would keep on the demand for security)

As a seller myself, I’d only see a benefit for me joining PRO along an affiliate program to reduce the 30% commission rate. (But thats a topic for another thread)

What’s the difference between profiting over my personal data for ads rather than on top of my work?
Opinions are my own, but I’d rather be concerned why are people uploading only 1 model a month instead of adopting a restriction that could possibly change how the average user perceives the platform value.

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hi all,

just a question… do my view-only models already uploaded in my account remain as they are? :confused:

What will happens if i upload view-only model and then delete it? Do i get the credit back, or do i still have to wait full month before i can upload another view-only model?

To be honest, i find limits too restrictive. 3 credits per month for basic users, would be much more sensible. It’s really hard to justify going to paid plans, when $7 plan is more restrictive than free plan was.

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That’s a great suggestion that we need to discuss internally.

Well, not really. First of all to become a seller you need to pass our vetting process. And second, we don’t allow unrealistic prices in our Store.

We haven’t quite decided that yet. Obviously making it a requirement to enter with downloadable models will be the easiest solution, but this might add a barrier to entry for some artists. We’re considering giving everyone a credit when they upload their challenge entry even if for some challenges that might be a lot of work (‘Cute Robots’ closed with 127 entries!)

Edit: we can also decide this on a case by case basis. Some challenges are more suitable for downloadable content than others (think of the Texturing challenges for example, that always start with a downloadable model anyway).

I don’t think this is a reasonable alternative - some people just need ‘view only’. Ripping is another issue, one which we’re continually addressing.

It’s a business/ethical choice. Now you’re in control of your data.

Yes, your existing models are not affected at all.

Your credit will be returned to you.


Guys you can read the article about view-only credit here.

Thanks @james for uploading this!